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Willkommen im Bound by Blood. Wir sind ein Fandom/Mystery RPG das an die Serie Shadowhunters angelehnt ist. Unser Board exestiert schon 2 Jahre, bei den Important Information könnt ihr alles nachlesen was passiert ist sowie auch das längst Vergangene! Das Board orientiert sich an der Serie aber auch mit Elementen aus den Büchern. Genauso gibt es bei uns die Möglichkeit eigene Rassen mit einfliesen zu lassen, wenn sie unserem Setting entsprechen, jene könnt ihr bei der Charaktervorstellung vorstellen und wir schauen ob wir hamonieren könnten! Ihr könnt und dürft gerne bei uns mitwirken, wenn gewünscht, doch auch hat das Team viele eigene Ideen, um euch genügend Plots zu bieten. Unser Rating ist auf FSK 18 gesetzt. Wir spielen nach dem Prinzip der Szenentrennung und verfügen über keine Mindestpostlänge. Wir schreiben unsere eigene Geschichte, bei der ihr euch gut einbringen könnt. Es sind übernatürliche Wesen, wie Nephilim, Engel, Dämonen, Hexenmeister, Vampire, Werwölfe, Elben und andere Wesen gestattet. Interesse? Dann melde dich an und werde ein Teil von uns!
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  All of this screams ‘chaotic dumbass energy’ and, honestly, I’m here for it Kit & Serafina • 23.02.2010 • Ca. 20 Uhr • Straßen NYC's
<g12>Serafina Rossi</g12>
years old - -
Posted on:  13.08.2022, 23:09 - Wörter: -

All of this screams ‘chaotic dumbass energy’ and, honestly, I’m here for it
   Gast   Christopher Herondale
am 23.02.2010

Generally speaking, the proud Italian, who one could not describe as a so called a ‘people person’, had a hard time making acquaintances. Not to mention actual friendships. Very few people could deal with her direct personality, which left absolutely no room for embellishments or difficult topics possibly addressed in a bit more of a sensitive way. In this area, Serafina was absolutely ruthless, which more often than not resulted in her counterpart thinking her to be tactless and unfriendly. They weren't necessarily wrong about that, but it wasn't exactly her intention to step on people's toes all the time, either. No one really liked to be alone, and someone as secretly delicate as her needed the emotional support of her friends. They, however, had mostly stayed at home in the institute in Rome, and she couldn't really justify claiming Leonidas’ precious time for herself the entire day just because she struggled with not being an asshole for once.
To her surprise, she had actually been able to approach someone who didn't immediately frown and turn his back on her as soon as they were done with their training session. Since they had both only recently arrived at this Institute, so the two newcomers had been put together for certain exercises. While she tended to get a little more into it with the more experienced Shadowhunters, basically collecting bruise after bruise at this point, she actually had enough breath left during her training with the blonde to carry on a casual, if halting, conversation. For the most part, however, they seemed to be riding on the same wavelength, which is why they had arranged to explore the streets of their new hometown that evening. With any luck, they'd even find a place to eat dinner that didn't completely suck or cause them to hug the toilet bowl later that night. She didn't hold out much hope for the quality of food in this country and made no secret of it.

Freshly showered, with still slightly wet hair and dressed in her typical jeans-shirt-leather-jacket combo, she approached Kit, who was already waiting for her in front of the Institute. She wanted to forgo activating her glamour rune that evening; after all, they were also going to order some food and not butt into Mundies every ten feet that weren’t able to see the two Shadowhunters. Proud of and pleased with herself for being able to do something so quickly with someone she hadn't known since birth, she grinned wide and openly at her new acquaintance. “Do you have any idea where we should start, or are we just blindly turning around in circles and pointing in a random direction that we'll take?”, she inquired of him good-humoredly without further ado. If there was one thing she knew how to do, it was being spontaneous. Better yet, if she could spontaneously talk shit, and that she did almost non-stop like a true pro.

written by
12 years old - Schattenjäger -
Posted on:  14.08.2022, 05:59 - Wörter: - Offline

All of this screams ‘chaotic dumbass energy’ and, honestly, I’m here for it
   Gast   Christopher Herondale
am 23.02.2010

Kit had been longing to finally get out of the institute and get a chance to explore the city - not because he was particularly interested in New York, but because the walls and rooms of the New Yorker Shadowhunter lodging had become almost suffocating to him. He was to stay there and train, and while he was slowly getting better at the latter, there was something about this treatment that made the young boy feel more like prisoner than a guest. Even greater was his resolve to leave now than ever before, but he had to be smart about it - and today's excursion couldn't have come at a better time, giving him the opportunity to explore the city and find the best escape route. Even if Serafina, who he would be meeting today, was under the impression that they were simply venturing out to find some more palatable food; for Kit it was more than that, it was his next step into freedom.

The Shadowhunters of the New Yorker institute had been more or less decent to him, although some more than others, as it was usually the case. And yet, he had never felt so out of place in his entire life - not when they were hiding before and never among the Shadow Market of Los Angeles, that he had been able to call his home for so many years before. Now he was miles and miles away and while he didn't exactly miss home, he still longed for something more familiar than the institute was. Surely New York had streets and places that felt more homey than the church he had been hurled up in.

"I thought we could try Brooklyn first? Seems like there are a bunch of places around there, according to Google maps-- not so sure about the area here, it seems pretty dead if you ask me." Serafina had been his training partner a couple of times by now and although he had not meant to really make acquaintances with anyone, it was quite nice to have someone be equally new as he was and it was a great excuse to get out of the house for once. "Did you tell anyone we're going out?" He shot her a measuring glance before he started to head into the direction his phone indicated, following down the street towards a subway station. "I'm not technically supposed to leave the institute so... let's not get caught, alright?"

written by
<g12>Serafina Rossi</g12>
years old - -
Posted on:  14.08.2022, 11:24 - Wörter: -

All of this screams ‘chaotic dumbass energy’ and, honestly, I’m here for it
   Gast   Christopher Herondale
am 23.02.2010

Though she had been more than delighted to step outside of her ‘home for now’ for the first time in three days, said feeling faltered as her date for the night suggested trying out Brooklyn first. Serafina had never been the best student when it came to geography, and honestly, she didn’t really care for New York City. Her one true love was Rome, after all, and she didn’t bother properly looking into the layout of this city before handing in her request for a transfer. Mostly because she had been distracted, blinded even, by the agonizing hope of seeing her friend she had thought to be dead. So, to summarize it, she had absolutely no fucking clue about where anything was in this city. Even her compass rune wouldn’t save her, since awareness of cardinal direction wouldn’t change anything about her not having a clue of what was going on in this city and where everything was. Eventually someone was gonna tell her, right?
“Uhm, Google-what-now?”, she queried with a big question mark on her face. The only thing she knew was, that the Institute was located in an area called Manhattan or something like that. Spending her whole life in Idris and Rome, she was utterly lost when it came to the more mundane things. Like smartphones, or, in this case, Google Maps. Anyway, the point of his statement seemed to be that there was nothing worth checking out in the surrounding area. Meaning they’d have to go out of their way to find a place further away. How bothersome. At least they had some time on their hands, and she really needed to get out more. Those Institute walls were starting to make her feel all sorts of freaky. “Anyway. Brooklyn, sure.” Pretending to know what he was talking about, she ran her hand through her hair, waiting for him to start moving so that she could just tag along. After all, following the guy who seemed to know what he was on about was the safest bet. ‘Did you tell anyone we’re going out?’ Walking next to him, she eyed him from the side, noting how well he seemed to handle Mundie tech. If she was being honest with herself, she was a little jealous. It took her forever to just unlock the stupid thing. Most of the time her phone just turned out to be a hindrance. Fire messages were better. “I did not”, she reassured him, a gentle smirk tugging on the corner of her mouth. “But I do love me a rebel.” All she had done was leaving a note on her bed – in case anyone unlocked her room with a rune, which, really, why should they? – stating that she went to check out the city and would be back before they knew it. Also her cell number, not that it would be of any help to them. “Oh, please. Didn’t anyone tell you?” The most mischievious smile made her whole face light up. Somehow, being out with someone who wasn’t supposed to leave the institute was kind of thrilling. “We’re Shadowhunters. We don’t get caught.” Most definitely not when your specialty was excelling in doing stupid, uncalled for shit all of the time yet trying to maintain an image of someone who didn’t. In a worst-case-scenario, all they had to do was make it convincing. Or run faster than the others. That’s what runes were for, though, she wasn’t sure of how good he was at handling them, considering he was pretty new to the whole Shadowhunter thing. Stretching her arms above her head, she kept walking alongside him, following his lead while occasionally looking around. This city was so damn noisy. “Does your... Google-whatever also tell you which places are worth checking out?”

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